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The article focuses on performance of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers in environment where intentional interference is present. First part is a general description of the GNSS systems. Secondly, types of positioning service disturbances are specified. Next, a scheme of measurement setup, which is used to evaluate the influence of(More)
Container port area should be treated as a very difficult radio waves propagation environment, because lots of containers made of steel are causing very strong multipath effect and there is time-varying container arrangement in stacks of different height. Path loss modelling for such area is still complex task and has not yet been considered in scientific(More)
The efficiency analysis a hyperbolic position location estimation in the multipath propagation environment in the wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) interface was presented. Four, the most popular methods: Chan’s [1], Foy’s [2], Fang’s [3] and Friedlander’s [4] were considered. These algorithms enable the calculation of the geographical position(More)
This paper presents two methods for detection DS CDMA signals hidden in the noise are described. The proposed methods are based on analysis of an averaged spectrum of the signal and an averaged spectrum of signal raised to the power 2<sup>n</sup>. These methods are difficult to use when narrowband signals are presented in an analysing frequency band.(More)
In this paper the unique coastal cellular distress system (CCDS), based on a cellular phone network was proposed. The concept, functional properties and services of this system were described. The problem of the location service (LCS) at sea was presented. The geographical location accuracy of a mobile phone in a coastal sea area is analysed. Special(More)
The concept of wireless system of threats monitoring with self-organizing network of multipurpose data transfer nodes are presented. Two practical applications of this system are also presented. The first of these is the Global Wireless Monitoring System for Containers, and the second is the Mobile Monitoring System for Gas Air Pollution Measurements.
Two efficiency methods for a location service (LCS) by use the wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) interface, in the frequency division duplex (FDD) mode, are outlined. The LCS in the WCDMA/FDD technique is based on the actual relative time differences (RTDs) between base stations of the monitoring cellular network. The proposed methods enable(More)
Nowadays the accuracy of existing location methods in networks is insufficient, particularly in emergency calls. Modification of chosen algorithm parameters leads to improvement of the accuracy of an MS position estimation. The most important parameter, which decides on location accuracy of an MS, is a true value of distance between a mobile station and a(More)