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Future Internet (Next Generation Network, or Internet 3.0) is a further step in evolution of the Internet. The research activities related to Future Internet cover a wide spectrum of topics including: network architectures (protocols), network technologies, applications, etc. NGN assumes one basic network protocol (IPv6), Quality of Service (QoS) provided(More)
The paper presents the network provisioning proposed for the Future Internet solution called System IIP. The relation of the provisioning rule to the management strategy is described. The required input parameters as well as two proposed approaches to provisioning are given. The first approach formulates an optimization problem with the goal function(More)
  • Jacek Rak
  • 2012 15th International Telecommunications…
  • 2012
Owing to high costs of deployment and maintenance of fiber optic infrastructure, wireless mesh networks (WMNs) with transmission rates of 1-10 Gb/s per a millimeter-wave link (utilizing the 71-86 GHz band), seem to be a promising alternative to wired backbone Metropolitan Area Networks. However, due to the nature of high-frequency wireless communications,(More)
  • Jacek Rak
  • Networks 2008 - The 13th International…
  • 2008
In this paper, a novel FSR-SP-LWC algorithm of sharing the backup lightpath capacities for WDM networks with limited wavelength conversion capability, has been proposed. The key feature is that it also provides fast service recovery for the price of only a little degradation of link capacity utilization. The ILP model has been introduced and followed by the(More)
Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) are a promising solution to improve the road traffic safety, reduce the environmental pollution, or simply provide the on-board infotainment services. However, these actions are often not possible due to high mobility of vehicles causing frequent failures of VANET links. In this paper, we focus on anypath routing to(More)