Jacek Narski

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This paper deals with the numerical study of a nonlinear, strongly anisotropic heat equation. The use of standard schemes in this situation leads to poor results, due to the high anisotropy. An Asymptotic-Preserving method is introduced in this paper, which is second-order accurate in both, temporal and spacial variables. The discretization in time is done(More)
The adaptation of Crouzeix Raviart finite element in the context of multiscale finite element method (MsFEM) is studied and implemented on diffusion and advection-diffusion problems in perforated media. It is known that the approximation of boundary condition on coarse element edges when computing the multiscale basis functions critically influences the(More)
We use the results of a pedestrian tracking experiment to identify a followthe-leader model for pedestrians walking-in-line. We demonstrate the existence of a time-delay between a subject’s response and the predecessor’s corresponding behavior. This time-delay induces an instability which can be damped out by a suitable relaxation. By comparisons with the(More)
The multiscale finite element method (MsFEM) is developed in the vein of the Crouzeix–Raviart element for solving viscous incompressible flows in genuine heterogeneous media. Such flows are relevant in many branches of engineering, often at multiple scales and at regions where analytical representations of the microscopic features of the flows are often(More)
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