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This paper focuses on the integration of GIS and an extension of the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) using quantifier-guided ordered weighted averaging (OWA) procedure. AHP_OWA is a multicriteria combination operator. The nature of the AHP_OWA depends on some parameters, which are expressed by means of fuzzy linguistic quantifiers. By changing the(More)
The weighted linear combination (WLC) technique is a decision rule for deriving composite maps using GIS. It is one of the most often used decision models in GIS. The method, however, is frequently applied without full understanding of the assumptions underling this approach. In many case studies, the WLC model has been applied incorrectly and with dubious(More)
Commonly used GIS combination operators such as Boolean conjunction/disjunction and weighted linear combination can be generalized to the ordered weighted averaging (OWA) family of operators. This multi-criteria evaluation method allows decision-makers to define a decision strategy on a continuum between pessimistic and optimistic strategies. Recently , OWA(More)
The integration of GIS and multicriteria decision analysis has attracted significant interest over the last 15 years or so. This paper surveys the GIS-based multicriteria decision analysis (GIS-MCDA) approaches using a literature review and classification of articles from 1990 to 2004. An electronic search indicated that over 300 articles appeared in(More)