Jacek M Mazurek

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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-powered devices that deliver a heated aerosol, which typically contains nicotine, flavorings, and other additives, to the user. The e-cigarette marketplace is rapidly evolving, but the long-term health effects of these products are not known. Carcinogens and toxins such as diacetyl, acetaldehyde, and other(More)
Silicosis is a preventable occupational lung disease caused by the inhalation of respirable crystalline silica dust and can progress to respiratory failure and death. No effective specific treatment for silicosis is available; patients are provided supportive care, and some patients may be considered for lung transplantation. Chronic silicosis can develop(More)
We studied early clinical features of the West Nile virus (WNV) infection. Case patients were Ohio residents who reported to the Ohio Department of Health from August 14 to December 31, 2002, with a positive serum or cerebrospinal fluid for anti-WNV IgM. Of 441 WNV cases, medical records of 224 (85.5%) hospitalized patients were available for review. Most(More)
BACKGROUND Depression has been associated with a decreased level of asthma control. The aim of our study was to examine associations between health-professional diagnosed work-related asthma (WRA) and current depression and the effect of current depression on the associations of WRA with adverse asthma outcomes. METHOD We analyzed data from the 2006 and(More)
Modern extraction technique-pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) was optimised for extraction of lycorine and galanthamine (Amaryllidaceae alkaloids) from Narcissus jonquilla 'Pipit'. Crude extracts were purified on Oasis MCX cartridges, and the alkaloids eluted with 80-100% recoveries using methanol-10% ammonia solution (3:1, v/v). Quantitative results were(More)
BACKGROUND Although asbestos use has been restricted in recent decades, asbestos-associated deaths continue to occur in the United States. OBJECTIVES We evaluated premature mortality and loss of potentially productive years of life attributable to asbestos-associated diseases. METHODS Using 1999-2010 National Center for Health Statistics mortality data,(More)
Malignant mesothelioma is a fatal cancer primarily associated with exposure to asbestos. The latency period between first exposure to asbestos and clinical disease usually is 20--40 years. Although asbestos is no longer mined in the United States, the mineral is still imported, and a substantial amount of asbestos remaining in buildings eventually will be(More)
To quantify the respiratory disease burden among agricultural workers, we examined the 1988-1998 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) "Multiple Cause of Death Data" and the 1988-1994 Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data (NHANES III). Proportionate mortality ratios (PMRs) were determined for 11 respiratory conditions among 6(More)
BACKGROUND Proper asthma management and control depend on patients having affordable access to healthcare yet financial barriers to asthma care are common. OBJECTIVE To examine associations of work-related asthma (WRA) with financial barriers to asthma care and adverse asthma outcomes. RESEARCH DESIGN Cross-sectional, random-digit-dial survey conducted(More)