Jacek M Chojnowski

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INTRODUCTION Left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy has been associated with an increase in cardiac mortality. This study investigated the potential heart-sparing effect of volumetric-modulated arc radiotherapy (VMAT). We compared VMAT to tangential intensity-modulated radiotherapy (t-IMRT) in the loco-regional treatment of left-sided breast cancer,(More)
INTRODUCTION Dopamine is considered to be crucial for food craving and intake, drug abuse and electrical brain stimulation. Increased levels of dopamine occur after energy intake in the dorsal striatum. In the ventral tagmental area, dopamine is responsible for motivation. There is a natural synaptic dopamine level, and as a result its activity is(More)
An efficient procedure has been developed using an electronic portal imaging device (EPID) and in-house written software for verification of a target simulator alignment with the radiation isocentre. A 5 mm tungsten ball is aligned to a linac isocentre based on a lasers intersection point. The BrainLab® m3™ add-on multileaf collimator (MLC) forms a(More)
Modern day Stereotactic treatments require high geometric accuracy of the delivered treatment. To achieve the required accuracy the IGRT imaging isocenter needs to closely coincide with the treatment beam isocenter. An influence on this isocenter coincidence and on the spatial positioning of the beam itself is the alignment of the treatment beam focal spot(More)
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