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The first asymmetric Michael addition of 3-substituted phthalides to nitroolefins promoted by amino acid-incorporating multifunctional catalysts has been developed. The reported method led to the synthesis of 3,3-disubstituted phthalide derivatives in high yields, and in a highly diastereoselective and enantioselective manner. Facile synthesis of a chiral(More)
Activities of some enzymes associated with carbohydrate and lipid metabolism were determined in 48 human breast carcinomas and compared with those found in 35 nonmalignant breast tumours and also in 13 normal breast tissues. In fibrocystic disease only the activity of citrate lyase was markedly higher (14-fold) than in normal tissue. The activities of the(More)
The aim of this work was the estimation of the way of nutrition and incorrect nutritional behaviors among students of Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University. There were 538 students of Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Care Department of Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University Cracow included in the examination. We estimated: the way of(More)
The aim of the study was the evaluation of the changes in nutritional habits of opiates dependent persons during 4 years of attendance in methadone maintenance treatment conducted by the Department of Toxicology of CMUJ in Kraków. These criteria were fulfilled by 30 persons (23 males and 7 females). They were examined before the methadone treatment and(More)
An enantioselective synthesis of spiropyrazolones from allenoate-derived MBH acetates and pyrazolones through a phosphine-mediated [4+1] annulation process has been developed. Spiropyrazolones were readily prepared in good chemical yields and good to high enantioselectivities. This is the first asymmetric example in which α-substituted allenoates were(More)
The analysis of major and minor flavonoids, and antioxidant capacity of stems, leaves, flowers, unripe seeds and ripe seeds of common and tartary buckwheat plants collected during different growth periods was addressed in this study. The highest rutin contents were observed in flowers and leaves collected from common and tartary buckwheat at early flowering(More)
α-Fluoro-α-nitro esters were used as reaction partners in Michael addition to nitroalkenes, and the products were obtained in excellent chemical yields and with high enantioselectivities. Moreover, α-fluoro-α-amino ester with a quaternary α-carbon was prepared for the first time.
The examination concerned 313 girls and boys from the second and third class of the secondary schools in Kraków. The translated German version questionnaire "Woman Self Image and Social Ideal" was used in the examination; mainly its parts such as: 1. "The social support" which includes 22 questions. 2. "Human Relations" which includes 64 questions. The five(More)