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Intra-abdominal cysts and pseudocysts are rarely occurring lesions. Their incidence is reported to be 1 per 100 000-250 000 hospitalizations. The lesions' rarity and their mostly asymptomatic development causes troubles in early recognition and treatment. The patients' complaints are unspecific and mostly occur when the cysts are enlarged. Sometimes these(More)
Hernias containing incarcerated Meckel's diverticulum are rare and often asymptomatic. The proper preoperative diagnosis is difficult to establish. The presence of a Meckel's diverticulum incarcerated in a hernia should be consider in a differential diagnosis of abdominal disease that is not sufficiently apparent. We present a case of a 22 years old male(More)
INTRODUCTION Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy (UGFS) of varicose veins is a useful treatment option. It is a relatively safe method in the case of limited, small varicose veins. In theory, a justified concern could be raised that the injection of an active drug into the large superficial venous vessels may potentially cause life-threatening(More)
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