Jacek Kowalski

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In this paper, a very large scale integration chip of an analog image weighted-order statistic (WOS) filter based on cellular neural network (CNN) architecture for real-time applications is described. The chip has been implemented in CMOS AMS 0.8 /spl mu/m technology. CNN-based filter consists of feedforward nonlinear template B operating within the window(More)
We present an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) CMOS chip that implements a synchronized oscillator cellular neural network with a matrix size of 32 × 32 for object sensing and labeling in binary images. Networks of synchronized oscillators are a recently developed tool for image segmentation and analysis. Its parallel network operation is(More)
This paper presents functional tests results of CMOS VLSI ASIC integrated circuit, which implements a network of synchronised oscillators. The network chip architecture was briefly described. This circuit was designed for segmentation of binary images, which is an important issue in biomedical image analysis. The hardware realisation of oscillator network(More)
Rehabilitation in patients with low back pain is one of the crucial therapeutic and social problems. This work attempts to present therapeutic procedures according to DBC (Documentation Based Care) treatment concept. The aim of the research was to assess the efficiency of DBC method on the basis of spine mobility in frontal, saggital and transverse plane(More)
In this article author discuss medium term results of first or next secondary replacement of acetabular part of hip endoprosthesis--after filling up cavernous or segmental bone defects. There were analysed 104 operated hips 70 (67.3%) female and 34 (32.7%) male. Bilateral hip arthroplasty (in two sessions) was performed in 14 women and 5 men. The average(More)
In this paper we present an approach to monitoring Quality of Service in a telecommunications network by Test Call System (TCS) units deployed in the network by a certain random process. Once the TCS units are deployed they generate test calls which are subjected to measurements. The whole deployment and testing process can be treated as a two stage(More)
Background. Advanced knee arthritis is indicated for total alloplastic and it is considered to be the method of choice. It allows on abolishing of intensive pain and correcting of efficiency of limb. Material and methods. Postoperative complications were analysed in 109 operated knees in 93 patients. Condylar knee endoprotheses of types AGC I, AGC II, and(More)