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In this paper we tackle the issue of exchanging and integrating medical information originating from different health care information systems. We propose a solution — Healthcare Integration Platform (HIP) — which utilises some of the concepts contained in the IHE profiles [1] combined with the existing EHR standards in order to maintain a(More)
This paper addresses the problem of building a failure detection service for large scale distributed systems. We describe failure detection service, which merges some novel proposals and satisfies scalability, flexibility and adaptability properties. Afterwards, we present the architecture of such a service, show detailed information about its components(More)
Checkpointing speculative distributed shared memory p. 9 Evaluation of the acknowledgement reduction in a software-DSM system p. 17 Taking advantage of the SHECS-based critical sections in the shared memory parallel architectures p. 26 Dynamic SMP clusters in SoC technology towards massively parallel fine grain numerics p. 34 Frequency of cooperation of(More)
The MANET liveness property ensures that no operative host in an ad hoc network is permanently isolated, and for networks that fulfill the property a few crash-tolerant broadcast protocols have been proposed. However, the protocols proposed till now guarantee that only at least an arbitrary majority of operative hosts receives each disseminated message, and(More)