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The parameters of electrical energy such as voltage amplitude are very important, particularly from the viewpoint of the final consumer and sensitive loads connected to the grid. The dynamic states in the power grid—deep voltage sags and swells— might cause faults and defects in sensitive loads. This paper deals with a three-phase hybrid transformer (HT)(More)
This paper deals with the implementation of a new solution for a three-phase AC transformer with electromagnetic and electric coupling (hybrid coupling). The electromagnetic coupling is realized by means of the conventional three-phase transformer (TR) with two secondary windings in each phase. The electrical coupling is realized by means of a matrix(More)
This paper deals with three-phase direct matrix-reactance frequency converters (MRFC) based on unipolar PWM AC matrix-reactance choppers (MRC). Each MRC with conventional topology has two synchronous-connected switches (SCS) sets. In the MRFC, unlike the MRC topology, one of SCS sets is replaced by a matrix-connected switches (MCS) set in order to make(More)
In this paper is proposed the new topology of AC/AC converter without DC energy storage to compensate deep voltage sags and swells and to control of output voltage phase shift. The proposed solution is intended to protect sensitive loads and energy flow control in AC power grid. The analyzed topology is based on AC/AC ĆukB2 bipolar matrix-reactance(More)
This paper deals with a three-phase power system with hybrid transformer (HT). The HT contains a conventional transformer with electromagnetic coupling and PWM AC line chopper integrated with the secondary windings through an electric coupling. The HT uses a three-phase Yy connected transformer with additional secondary windings and three-phase PWM AC line(More)
The paper deals with AC voltage transforming circuits applied in power systems. It includes a general description of AC power systems, single and three-phase AC converters, especially PWM AC line choppers and a description of their implementation in AC transmission or distribution systems. This includes a description of the topologies, the operation and(More)
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