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—This paper addresses non-Gaussian statistical mod-eling of interference as a superposition of a large number of small effects from terminals/scatterers distributed in the plane/volume according to a Poisson point process. This problem is relevant to multiple access communication systems without power control and radar. Assuming that the signal strength is(More)
This paper proposes a new framework in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) for reliable multipath routing with fixed delays based on packet level Forward Error Control (FEC). The novelty of this work stems from the integrated optimization of the redundancy at the path and the FEC packet levels to arrive at the concept of the regenerating nodes. The regenerating(More)
This paper extends the analysis of a novel data link layer mechanism introduced in our previous work for real-time service provisioning in multi-hop wireless networks. To combat packet loss along unreliable paths connecting the source with the destination (i) packet transmissions are distributed along the multiple paths connecting joint nodes and (ii) the(More)