Jacek Blaszczyk

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An application of advanced optimization techniques to solve the path planning problem for closed chain robot systems is proposed. The approach to path planning is formulated as a “quasi-dynamic” NonLinear Programming (NLP) problem with equality and inequality constraints in terms of the joint variables. The essence of the method is to find joint paths which(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to describe the design, implementation and possibilities of our object-oriented library of algorithms for dynamic optimization problems. We briefly present library classes for the formulation and manipulation of dynamic optimization problems, and give a general survey of solver classes for unconstrained and constrained(More)
This paper presents a newly deployed server, IDOS (Interactive Dynamic Optimization Sever), devoted to solving optimal control problems. Development and deployment of the Interactive Dynamic Optimization Server is a result of a project funded by NCBiR (National Center for Research and Development in Poland). The aim of the project was to develop a(More)
In this paper an operational control for the Toronto’s Transmission Water System (TWS) is considered. The main objective of the ongoing Transmission Operations Optimizer (TOO) project consists in developing an advanced optimization and control tool for providing such pumping schedules for 153 pumps, that all quantitative requirements (such as pressure,(More)
Recent progress in computer science put forwards the research, applications of simulation-based optimization methods in applied science, engineering. This paper is concerned with computational research for complex environmental systems. The simulation-based optimization approach, numerical techniques that optimize performance of system by using simulation(More)
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