Jacek Andrzej Urbanski

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The aim of the paper was to test the possibility of using object based image analyses of Landsat satellite data for worldwide assessment of sea coast changes over time. The coastline in this project was defined as the seaward margin of dunes or land vegetation. The proposed method uses Red and IRed channels of Landsat images for segmentation. The rule based(More)
Although the processes occurring at the front of an ice face in tidewater glacier bays still await thorough investigation, their importance to the rapidly changing polar environment is spurring a considerable research effort. Glacier melting, sediment delivery and the formation of seabird foraging hotspots are governed by subglacial discharges of meltwater.(More)
Seagrass meadows are an important coastal habitat serving as a good indicator of healthy coastal ecosystems. Object-based image classification is a new method of seagrass mapping. The goal of the project was to create a GIS model to classify seagrass in the Puck Bay Natura 2000 habitat protected area (Southern Baltic). The technique was used to analyze the(More)
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