Jacek Łętowski

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The systematics of the family Apionidae, as well as the superfamily Curculionoidea, is currently in a state of flux. The comparative analyses of COI sequences from our studies shed some light on the systematics of these weevils. To study the relationship among the organisms of the family Apionidae, we determined the COI sequences of representatives of 23(More)
Data on the morphology of the egg, mature larva (L3) and pupa of Squamapion elongatum (Germar, 1817) are presented. The development cycle of this species lasts 51-54 days: a 12-day egg period, a 30-day larval period, and a 12-day pupal period, on average. The larvae are attacked by parasitic hymenopterans of the superfamily Chalcidoidea.
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