Jace Courville

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In the epidemiological approach to occupational cancers, large bodies of data must be analyzed to find rare cases of cancer. The exposure status of workers must therefore be assessed. Inaccuracies will lead to bias toward the null value in certain cases. Job title has often been used as a proxy for exposure status. This study was undertaken to examine(More)
Work is organized based in part on the perceptions, by managers and workers, of workers, their abilities and the characteristics of the work to be done. Physical tasks in factories and services have often been divided into 'light' and 'heavy', a division that often corresponds formally or informally to gender. We have observed the work of cleaners on wards(More)
Jobs are often allocated according to sex, although this distribution is not always justified by biological differences between men and women. Ergonomic analysis of sex-typed jobs in a clothing factory and in a plastics factory revealed that the total weight lifted in women's jobs exceeded that in a typical male laborer's job. The characteristics of work(More)
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