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Maternal obesity is thought to increase the offspring's risk of juvenile obesity and metabolic diseases; however, the mechanism(s) whereby excess maternal nutrition affects fetal development remain poorly understood. Here, we investigated in nonhuman primates the effect of chronic high-fat diet (HFD) on the development of fetal metabolic systems. We found(More)
Chromatin structure is epigenetically altered via covalent modifications of histones to allow for heritable gene regulation without altering the nucleotide sequence. Multiple lines of evidence from rodents have established a role for epigenetic remodeling in regulating gene transcription in response to an altered gestational milieu. However, to date, it is(More)
The value of non-invasive procedures for predicting pulmonary arterial pressure was investigated in 370 patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases and in 73 with fibrosing alveolitis in a combined study at nine centres in six European countries. Measurements included forced expiratory volume in one second, arterial blood gas tensions, standard(More)
1. Oxygen breath tests were performed in seven patients with thyrotoxicosis. The inspired air was replaced by oxygen without their knowledge for 20 s and the fall in ventilation was recorded. 2. Ventilation fell significantly in all the patients within 40 s. The mean fall was 21-1% (se +/-1-7) below the control value. 3. beta-Adrenoreceptor blockade with(More)