Jac. A. A. Swart

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Equilibrium models are derived and applied to in vivo binding of spiperone in the rat brain. The models express the concentration of the ligand in the striatum and frontal cortex as a function of the accumulation in the cerebellum. The models differ with respect to the description of specific binding. Nonlinear regression analysis shows that the in vivo(More)
Introduction The distribution and abundance of plant species are strongly linked to the physical environmental and thus to anthropogen-ic disturbances. Changes in desert vegetation, in particular, can have drastic impacts on human livelihoods in these areas as ecosystem services may be affected (Dubroeucq and The Wadi Allaqi Biosphere Reserve is a(More)
As a reflection on recent debates on the value of wild animals we examine the question of the intrinsic value of wild animals in both natural and man-made surroundings. We examine the concepts being wild and domesticated. In our approach we consider animals as dependent on their environment, whether it is a human or a natural environment. Stressing this(More)
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