Jac A A Swart

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Tests of cognitive function are frequently used in geriatric assessment, but the effect of test setting has rarely been explored. To determine the effect of testing site on the performance of elderly patients undergoing a comprehensive geriatric assessment, we administered the Mini-Mental State Exam to 116 geriatric patients in the clinic and at their(More)
Equilibrium models are derived and applied to in vivo binding of spiperone in the rat brain. The models express the concentration of the ligand in the striatum and frontal cortex as a function of the accumulation in the cerebellum. The models differ with respect to the description of specific binding. Nonlinear regression analysis shows that the in vivo(More)
To examine the reliability of drug histories of elderly outpatients, records of 122 frail elderly patients in a geriatric outpatient evaluation clinic were reviewed. Drug histories were taken by an internist during an initial clinical evaluation and by a nurse practitioner during a home visit. Home and office drug lists disagreed in 39 cases (32%). Roughly(More)
Elderly patients often have problems not easily detected during an office visit. We investigated the yield of a home visit by a geriatric nurse specialist as part of an interdisciplinary assessment process. Compared with the findings of an office-based assessment by a general internist, the home visit resulted in up to four new problems (median = 2, mean =(More)
A model for computer-supported patient counselling and drug information in community pharmacies is described. Two types of informational need are distinguished: the subjective informational need, i.e. the informational need perceived by the patient himself, and the normative informational need, i.e. the patient's informational need according to the(More)
In this study, a graphical method is presented to detect sigmoidal binding of in vivo data at low nonsaturating doses. The method can also be applied when the overall binding includes nonspecific binding. Irrespective of the mathematical expression describing the saturation curve, it is shown that a sigmoid curve, in contrast to a nonsigmoid, can be(More)
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