Jaber Jemai

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The Home Care Scheduling Problem (HCSP) consists of designing a set of routes for medical service suppliers to visit a number of patients located at different places and asking for a set of medical tasks. The object of the HCSP is to define the required set of routes where the assigned workforce will travel in order to minimize the overall travelled(More)
We address the problem of modeling combinatorial optimization problems (COP). COPs are generally complex problems to solve. So a good modeling step is fundamental to make the solution easier. Our approach orients researches to choose the best modeling strategy from the beginning to avoid any problem in the solving process. This paper aims at proposing a new(More)
Complex Optimization Problems has existed in many fields of science, including economics, healthcare, logistics and finance where a complex problem has to be solved. Thus, modeling a complex problem is a fundamental step to relax its complexity and achieve to a final solution of the master problem. Hierarchical optimization is a main step in optimization(More)
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