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—Knowledge discovery of data is very much necessary in order to deliver a correct decision to the user, in decision making process. In this paper efficiency of knowledge learnt by SVM transparent approach is compared with opaque approach. We have selected DT, and NBTree as transparent approaches to evaluate the eclectic rule extraction approach of SVM.(More)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is characterised by the formation of intracellular misfolded protein inclusions that form in motor neurons. Autophagy is the major degradation pathway for aggregate-prone proteins within lysosomes. Autophagy begins by the production of the omegasome, forming the autophagosome membrane, which then fuses with the lysosome.(More)
Computational intelligence techniques are proved to be outperforming compared to standard statistical techniques, specifically when dealing with large, unbalanced and high dimensional data. In this paper we present an enhancement approach for improving the performance of decision tree using Support Vector Machine (SVM) when dealing with unbalanced data. The(More)
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