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A general method is described to sequester peptides containing azides from complex peptide mixtures, aimed at facilitating mass spectrometric analysis to study different aspects of proteome dynamics. The enrichment method is based on covalent capture of azide-containing peptides by the azide-reactive cyclooctyne (ARCO) resin and is demonstrated for two(More)
A method is presented to identify and quantify several hundreds of newly synthesized proteins in Escherichia coli upon pulse labeling cells with the methionine analogue azidohomoalanine (azhal). For the first 30 min after inoculation, a methionine-auxotrophic strain grows equally well on azhal as on methionine. Upon a pulse of 15 min and digestion of total(More)
Enzyme reprofiling in bacteria during adaptation from one environmental condition to another may be regulated by both transcription and translation. However, little is known about the contribution of translational regulation. Recently, we have developed a pulse labeling method using the methionine analog azidohomoalanine to determine the relative amounts of(More)
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