Jaap van de Beek

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We present sets of spreading sequences that are specifically designed to suit a belief-propagation multiuser detection structure, recently presented for overloaded system scenarios. On one hand, our sequences are of the low-density type; on the other their distance spectrum properties ensure good performance in AWGN channels. Simulations results for raw and(More)
In this paper, we study the availability of TV white spaces in Europe. Specifically, we focus on the 470-790 MHz UHF band, which will predominantly remain in use for TV broadcasting after the analog-to-digital switch-over and the assignment of the 800 MHz band to licensed services have been completed. The expected number of unused, available TV channels in(More)
In this paper we study the availability of TV white spaces in Europe. We focus specifically on the 470–790 MHz UHF band that is still predominantly used for TV broadcasting also after the digital dividend (frequency reallocation as part of transition to digital TV), which has taken place or is ongoing in several European countries. We find that in the(More)
In this demonstration paper we describe a prototype of an LTE system deployment that opportunistically exploits the spectral white spaces in the upper UHF TV bands, intelligently guided in its spectum access by a radio environment map (REM). The architecture is modular in the sense that interfaces are generic and minimal. In the proposed demo we will(More)