Jaap Spronk

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In this paper we present and illustrate using real-life data a framework for managing an investment portfolio in which the investment opportunities are described in terms of a set of attributes and part of this set is intended to capture the effects on society. Here we link with the emerging literature on SRI: socially responsible investment. Given the(More)
— Optimism or pessimism of investors is one of the important characteristics that determine the investment behavior in financial markets. In this paper, we propose a model of investor optimism based on a fuzzy connective. The advantage of the proposed approach is that the influence of different levels of optimism can be studied by varying a single(More)
In this article CCPR, a multidimensional framework for comparative performance evaluation is proposed, which is elaborated and illustrated through a real-life case. A particular feature of the approach is that it takes account of and corrects for the influence of risks, which are beyond the control of the decision maker. Here risk is seen as a(More)
— In this paper we use an agent-based stock market to study how investor performance and market predictions influence investor sentiment and confidence. Investor sentiment is modeled using a generalized average operator, which has been proposed in the fuzzy literature as an index of optimism. Our simulations show the impact of loss aversion on investor(More)
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