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Narcissistic admiration and rivalry: disentangling the bright and dark sides of narcissism.
We present a process model that distinguishes 2 dimensions of narcissism: admiration and rivalry. We propose that narcissists' overarching goal of maintaining a grandiose self is pursued by 2Expand
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Recommendations for Increasing Replicability in Psychology †
Replicability of findings is at the heart of any empirical science. The aim of this article is to move the current replicability debate in psychology towards concrete recommendations for improvement.Expand
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The evolutionary genetics of personality
Genetic influences on personality differences are ubiquitous, but their nature is not well understood. A theoretical framework might help, and can be provided by evolutionary genetics. We assessExpand
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Emerging late adolescent friendship networks and Big Five personality traits: a social network approach.
The current study focuses on the emergence of friendship networks among just-acquainted individuals, investigating the effects of Big Five personality traits on friendship selection processes.Expand
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A Gentle Introduction to Bayesian Analysis: Applications to Developmental Research
Bayesian statistical methods are becoming ever more popular in applied and fundamental research. In this study a gentle introduction to Bayesian analysis is provided. It is shown under whatExpand
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Motivational individual reaction norms underlying the Five-Factor model of personality: First steps towards a theory-based conceptual framework
In spite of its popularity, the Five-Factor Model (FFM) has been criticized for being too descriptive to provide a theoretical model of personality. The current article conceptualizes the FFM asExpand
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Personality Maturation Around the World
During early adulthood, individuals from different cultures across the world tend to become more agreeable, more conscientious, and less neurotic. Two leading theories offer different explanationsExpand
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PERSOC: A Unified Framework for Understanding the Dynamic Interplay of Personality and Social Relationships
The interplay of personality and social relationships is as fascinating as it is complex and it pertains to a wide array of largely separate research domains. Here, we present an integrative andExpand
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The effects of weather on daily mood: a multilevel approach.
The present study examines the effects of six weather parameters (temperature, wind power, sunlight, precipitation, air pressure, and photoperiod) on mood (positive affect, negative affect, andExpand
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Age and gender differences in self-esteem-A cross-cultural window.
Research and theorizing on gender and age differences in self-esteem have played a prominent role in psychology over the past 20 years. However, virtually all empirical research has been undertakenExpand
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