Jaap Boersma

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Reaction of 2 molar equiv of the diamine chelated aryllithium dimers Li(2)(C(6)H(4)[CH(2)N(Et)CH(2)CH(2)NEt(2)]-2)(2) (Li(2)Ar(2)) with the appropriate metal bromide allows the synthesis of the first(More)
Unique hetero(poly)metallic complexes [ClM(OAr)(3)Na] (M = Lu (3a), Y (3b)) and [ClY(OAr')(3)Y(OAr')(3)Na] (4) containing the bis (OAr = OC(6)H(2)(CH(2)NMe(2))(2)-2,6-Me-4) and mono (OAr' =(More)
The structural characterization of two new sodium phenolate complexes, containing ortho-amino substituents, enables the influence of intramolecular coordination on the aggregation of sodium phenolate(More)
A homologous series of mono- and dicationic, neutral, and mono- and dianionic zinc diazabutadiene complexes, K(x)[Zn(t-BuNCHCHN-t-Bu)(2)], Zn(t-BuNCHCHN-t-Bu)(2), and [Zn(t-BuNCHCHN-t-Bu)(2)](OTf)(x)(More)
Silica-supported, bimetallic palladium-copper catalysts were prepared in solution under mild conditions by reacting lithium di(4-tolyl)cuprate with palladium acetate in the presence of silica(More)
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