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Although their activity is often inferior to that of other systems, the use of vanadium-based catalysts in homogeneous Ziegler-Natta polymerizations allows the preparation of high-molecular-weight polymers with narrow molecular-weight distributions, ethene/alpha-olefin copolymers with high alpha-olefin incorporation, and syndiotactic polypropene. The main(More)
The polymerization of propylene oxide to obtain a high-molecular-weight polymer with an atactic structure required for the application as artificial blood vessels was investigated using combinations of organozinc and organotin compounds as catalyst. The composition of the most active catalyst, resulting from the reaction of diphenyltin sulfide with(More)
Reaction of 2 molar equiv of the diamine chelated aryllithium dimers Li(2)(C(6)H(4)[CH(2)N(Et)CH(2)CH(2)NEt(2)]-2)(2) (Li(2)Ar(2)) with the appropriate metal bromide allows the synthesis of the first homologous series of monomeric group 11 bromoate complexes of type MLi(2)BrAr(2) (M = Cu (7), Ag (8), Au (9)). Both in the solid state and in solution, the(More)
Two different monoanionic O,N-chelating ligand systems, i.e., [OC6H2(CH2NMe2)-2-Me2-4,6]- (1) and [OCMe2([2]-Py)]- (2), have been applied in the synthesis of vanadium(V) complexes. The tertiary amine functionality in 1 caused reduction of the vanadium nucleus to the 4+ oxidation state with either [VOCl3], [V(=NR)Cl3], or [V(=NR)(NEt2)3] (R = Ph, (3a, 5a), R(More)
Different sizes of core-functionalized metallodendritic wedges were prepared by anchoring sensor-active arylplatinum(II) sites at the focal point of Fréchet-type polyether dendritic wedges of various generations. The strong color of these metallodendrimers in the presence of SO2 was used to assess the permeability of nanofiltration membranes (molecular(More)
Unique hetero(poly)metallic complexes [ClM(OAr)(3)Na] (M = Lu (3a), Y (3b)) and [ClY(OAr')(3)Y(OAr')(3)Na] (4) containing the bis (OAr = OC(6)H(2)(CH(2)NMe(2))(2)-2,6-Me-4) and mono (OAr' = OC(6)H(4)(CH(2)NMe(2))-2) o-amino-substituted phenolate ligands have been synthesized and characterized by NMR ((1)H, (13)C, and (89)Y) and X-ray structure(More)
The structural characterization of two new sodium phenolate complexes, containing ortho-amino substituents, enables the influence of intramolecular coordination on the aggregation of sodium phenolate complexes to be determined. Crystals of hexameric [NaOC(6)H(4)(CH(2)NMe(2))-2](6) (1a) are monoclinic, space group P2(1)/c, with a = 11.668(4) Å, b = 18.146(4)(More)
A homologous series of mono- and dicationic, neutral, and mono- and dianionic zinc diazabutadiene complexes, K(x)[Zn(t-BuNCHCHN-t-Bu)(2)], Zn(t-BuNCHCHN-t-Bu)(2), and [Zn(t-BuNCHCHN-t-Bu)(2)](OTf)(x) (x = 1, 2), have been prepared and isolated in pure form. The crystal structures of the mono- and dicationic as well as of the monoanionic complexes are(More)
Silica-supported, bimetallic palladium-copper catalysts were prepared in solution under mild conditions by reacting lithium di(4-tolyl)cuprate with palladium acetate in the presence of silica particles. Small bimetallic palladium-copper particles were deposited on the silica surface as confirmed with TEM-EDAX and EXAFS. The new material has been applied as(More)
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