Jaap Akkerhuis

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The EXPRES (Experimental Research in Electronic Submission) project promotes the electronic interchange of multi-media documents among the scientific research community. For this project we concentrate on the problem of effective interchange of processable multi-media documents. In particular, we are ignoring the transfer method. Instead we concern(More)
Executive Summary Until recently the root zone of the Domain Name System (DNS) has enjoyed two important stabilizing properties: • it is relatively small— currently the root zone holds delegation information for 280 generic, country-code, and special-purpose top-level domains (TLDs), and the size of the root zone file is roughly 80,000 bytes; and • it(More)
international Standard "Office Document ArchiteCture and Interchange Format" (ODA) [ISO 9541| as the basis for our Thispaper providessome back, oj'oundon mutlimed_ systems exchan(je facilityIRosenberg}.However, it is ctearthat another andODA, andconsiderswhetherODA can meet someneeds ol task is to provide a way to integrate together multimedia(More)
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