Jaanika Edesi

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The monolignol biosynthetic pathway interconnects with the biosynthesis of other secondary phenolic metabolites, such as cinnamic acid derivatives, flavonoids and condensed tannins. The objective of this study is to evaluate whether genetic modification of the monolignol pathway in silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) would alter the metabolism of these(More)
Cryopreservation, the storage of germplasm at ultra-low temperature is the most reliable tool for long-term preservation of plant genetic resources. Cryopreservation techniques are widely applied but the effect of light spectra on plant recovery after cryopreservation is largely unknown. Therefore, we investigated the effect of different light spectral(More)
Light is one of the most important factors affecting growth and morphogenesis of plants. Light intensity, photoperiod and spectral composition greatly affect morphogenetic responses of in vitro plants. Modification of light spectra during recovery after cryopreservation improves survival and regeneration, but the effect of modified light conditions prior to(More)
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