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  • Hanna Komulainen, Jaakko Sinisalo, Jaana Tähtinen, Tuija Mainela, Pauliina Ulkuniemi
  • 2004
Introduction Advances in wireless technology have changed the business environment significantly, and mobile business has potential to grow to be one of the most important industries in the world (Ling 2003). Mobile advertising, i.e. advertising using mobile devices as communication vehicle, can be seen as one of the most important and promising(More)
This research increases our knowledge of the business-to-business relationship ending process. It answers a question of how to describe a process of business relationship ending, while considering both the aspects of time and the multiplicity of actors involved. Previous research has predominantly been cross-sectional and applied only the viewpoint of one(More)
abstract Ubiquitous computing will change the way people live with technology. At the same time it will also affect the way people access and use services. It is obvious that these new ubiquitous services have a lot of business potential. However, before this potential can be fully exploited, we need to understand the crucial factors behind creating(More)
Entering foreign markets is often seen to be a big challenge for small firms due to the small amount of resources available for internationalisation. However, through interpersonal networks, firms can gain access to, as well as, mobilise external resources to aid the initiation of internationalisation. Thus, to understand small firm's internationalisation,(More)
Acknowledgements: The financial support of the National Technology Agency of Finland is gratefully acknowledged. The authors wish to thank the organisations, whose invaluable collaboration has made this work possible. Abstract This study focuses on permission-based mobile advertising (m-advertising) and its specific features that make it different form(More)
The aim of the paper is to construct a process model for business relationship restoration. We suggest a three-phase model in which the first phase includes an identification of the factors that attenuate relationship ending. The second phase stresses the importance of the attenuating factors present in a relationship. In the third phase the parties'(More)
A comprehensive feline health survey was conducted to reveal breed-specific inheritable diseases in Finnish pedigree cats for genetic research. Prevalence of 19 disease categories and 227 feline diseases were defined in a study population of 8175 cats belonging to 30 breeds. Dental and oral diseases, with a prevalence of 28%, and dental calculus and(More)