Jaana Parviainen

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Computerized decision support system field covers many methodologies and application areas. In this paper self- organizing map (SOM) and knowledge-based techniques are used in combination to reason problematic situations in failure management. A process model that consists of individual connected process components has been developed. A primary circuit of a(More)
Bodily movements have traditionally had mostly instrumental value in interaction design. However, movements can also be given a central role in understanding behaviour and in designing technology for humans. This workshop is aiming at taking a fresh, movement-oriented look at the design and evaluation of technology in a wide variety of contexts.
The development of interactive technology is often based on the assumption of need to reduce the physical action and cognitive load of the user. However, recent conceptualizations, supported by research in various fields of science, emphasize human physical action in cognitive processes and knowledge formation. In fact, physical and closely related(More)
In the traditional use-oriented approach, only a fraction of gestures are taken as relevant to interaction. In this paper we argue that gestures should not be handled only as isolated objects of application use, but they should rather be understood as dynamic moments of embodied presence belonging to an experiential chain of different movements which has(More)
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