Jaana Minkkinen

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Twenty-four female patients suffering from gynaecological malignancies and scheduled for internal and external irradiation of the pelvic area (pelvic dose 5000 cGy) were selected for a study on prevention of intestinal side-effects by live Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures. The patients were randomised into two groups. Both groups received dietary(More)
125 patients with renal adenocarcinoma treated at two departments of radiotherapy in Finland are presented. 82 (66%) of the patients had localized disease and 43 (34%) had distant metastases. The five year survival for all stages was 38% and for cases with local disease 56%. There were no essential differences among Stage I, II and III patients treated with(More)
Two hundred sixty-seven laparotomized patients with pancreatic cancer during the period 1947 to 1980 were retrospectively analyzed. In 199 histologically confirmed cases of pancreatic carcinoma the tumor was only local with no invasion to neighboring tissues or distant metastases in 15% of the cases at the primary laparotomy and diagnosis stages, and the(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have shown a relationship between students' health and their academic achievements, but whether health of classmates and schoolmates impacts individual students' school achievement is less known. We studied these effects on students in lower secondary school in Finland. METHODS Students (seventh grade, age 12-13 years, N = 7779, 123(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet has facilitated the existence of extreme and pathological communities that share information about ways to complete suicide or to deliberately harm or hurt oneself. This material is user-generated and easily accessible. AIMS The present study analyzed the buffering effect of social belonging to a primary group in the situation of(More)
The study of websites displaying methods of both physical self-harm and suicide has become an important aspect of deliberate self-injury and suicide research. However, little is known about contextual factors related to entering such sites. Using data from 3,567 respondents aged 15-30 in the US, UK, Germany, and Finland, we found that experiences of(More)
Slurry transportation via pumping is an increasingly viable alternative for the conventional fine particle pumping, but there are also many applications involving larger particles. However, most of the published studies on slurry erosion have been conducted with fine particle sizes. In this work, also large particle slurry erosion of commercial wear(More)
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