Jaana Haapasalo

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Boys from low socioeconomic environments were rated on physical aggression at ages 6, 10, 11, and 12 by teachers and classified according to stability of fighting over time: stable high fighters, high fighters with late onset, desisting high fighters, variable high fighters, and nonfighters. The fighter groups differed from each other both in family(More)
OBJECTIVE The main objective was to examine whether young property and violent offenders would differ from each other in the prevalence of childhood abuse and neglect experiences, prevalence of various early family problems, and prevalence of disruptive behavior disorders, depression, and substance use. METHOD Childhood abuse and neglect assessments and(More)
Urge your library to subscribe today! With your library's print subscription, the electronic edition of the journal can be made available campus-wide to all of the library's user! ABSTRACT. This study used a semi-structured interview format to assess the role of emotional abuse as a precipitating factor for depression in a sample of 40 women attending a(More)
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