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Research on fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals (also known as quantum dots or qdots) has evolved over the past two decades from electronic materials science to biological applications. We review current approaches to the synthesis, solubilization, and functionalization of qdots and their applications to cell and animal biology. Recent examples of their(More)
For achieving high-quality LIDARgrammetry and performing surface reconstruction by 3D point clouds acquired at different locations or in different coordinate systems, a novel method was proposed and is called tie voxel method, in which voxel denotes " volume element ". The motivation, ideas and concrete formulation of the tie voxel method are to be given.(More)
This paper presents a new approach for reconstructing object surface covered with 3D points. It utilizes the 2D Daubechies scaling functions of 3 rd order, which can describe fractal geometry, to formulate the observation equation for each point. The linear system is then solved by the least-squares adjustment (LSA) and the reconstructed surface can then be(More)
To realize a better representation of complete three-dimensional (3D) city models in Taiwan, this paper proposes an alternative concept and algorithm for 3D geometrical city surface modelling based on wavelets and least squares adjustment. The reasons why wavelets are adopted as an alternative module are stated. Firstly in this algorithm, a wavelets-based(More)
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