Jaakko Marttila

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— In this article, the design and analysis of sophisticated multi-band quadrature ΣΔ modulators (QΣΔM) are addressed, offering a high-performance and easily-reconfigurable solution for the analog-to-digital (A/D) interface of cognitive radio receivers. Based on spectrum sensing information, the multi-band principle stemming from multi-stage converter(More)
—A quadrature Σ∆ analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is a promising solution for intermediate frequency digitizing software defined cognitive radio (CR) receivers because of, e.g., multiband capability and power efficiency. However, inherent coefficient mismatches between the in-phase and quadrature rails can severely damage the performance of such receiver(More)
Large input signal dynamics is an essential problem in modern wideband communication receivers such as cognitive radios. If the receiver front-end and analog-to-digital interface cannot respond to varying conditions, a high amount of nonlinear distortion is caused due to the clipping. This paper proposes a robust digital signal processing method to(More)
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