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BACKGROUND Studies on dialysis modality and survival have shown conflicting results, mostly due to insufficient and varying control of confounding factors. Using comprehensive data on a well-defined patient cohort, we therefore investigated the association of dialysis modality with survival on chronic renal replacement therapy (RRT) and whether this(More)
We studied the in vivo measurements of the autofluorescence of the clear lens in 80 juvenile diabetics and 25 young healthy subjects. When the diabetes was of seven years' duration or more, no overlap with the control subjects was found. The pathologic autofluorescence of the diabetic lens showed a positive correlation with age and the duration of diabetes.
OBJECTIVE Risks of end-stage renal disease and premature death in patients with type 1 diabetes have declined over the past decades. Data on the survival of patients receiving renal replacement therapy (RRT) are, however, limited. We investigated whether survival of patients with type 1 diabetes receiving RRT has improved over time and whether improvement(More)
BACKGROUND Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is widely used in follow-up and assessment of patients before start of chronic renal replacement therapy (RRT). Reported data on impact of eGFR decline pattern during pre-dialysis phase on consequent survival on RRT are, however, non-existent. METHODS Using the database of the Finnish Registry for(More)
The effects were studied of a standardised general anaesthesia on mean arterial blood pressure, central venous pressure, blood gas values and the course of cataract operations. The material consisted of 20 unselected senile cataract operations, the mean age of the patients being 71.3 years. The arterial blood pressure was continuously checked, using an(More)
AIMS To examine use and changes of medication in the three years before start of chronic renal replacement therapy (RRT) among patients with type 1 diabetes, and the association between predialytic medication and survival on RRT. METHODS We recorded medication of 496 patients with type 1 diabetes before and after start of RRT in 2000-2006 and followed up(More)