Jaafar H Ali

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Drought is the most important factor limiting rice productivity in the rainfed areas of Asia. In this study, 48 pyramiding lines (PLs) and their recurrent parent, IR64, were evaluated over two years for their yield performances and related traits under severe drought stress at the reproductive stage (RS), the vegetative stage (VS) and irrigated control in(More)
Complete resistance (CR) and partial resistance (PR) of rice (Oryza sativa L.) to its bacterial pathogen, Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo), was genetically dissected by using 2 mapping populations and 10 Xoo races. Two CR genes, 50 quantitative resistance loci, and 60 digenic interactions were identified, which showed various degrees of race specificity(More)
The content of water in cancerous and normal human prostate in vitro tissues was shown to be different using near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. The water absorption peaks at 1444 nm and 1944 nm are observed in both types of prostate tissues. The measurements show that less water is contained in cancerous tissues than in normal tissues. The OH stretching(More)
The spectral and polarization properties of scattered light were used to image corrosion beneath the surface of a painted aluminum plate. The quality of imaging of the corrosion on the metal surface was significantly enhanced by the spectral polarization optical imaging technique. Depolarization scattered light was used to detect and image corrosion beneath(More)
In this paper a hierarchical wireless sensor network is designed and tested. Each node of the network is based on an ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller from NXP and nRF24L01+wireless transceiver from Nordic operating in the 2.4GHz unlicensed band. The designed node is featured by high energy saving and large data rate capability. These features were(More)
This article describes a multidisciplinary approach to a functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. In this case study, we successfully corrected an anterior open bite and an exaggerated curve of Spee using restorative modalities while still maintaining a highly aesthetic outcome. The maxillary anterior teeth no longer appear to have a disproportional(More)
The semi-empirical MINDO/3-FORCES method was applied by M. Shanshal et al. [1 – 3]. In this method the molecular energy, obtained with the MINDO/3 method suggested by Dewar et al. [4] was completely minimized with the Murtagh-Sargent minimization technique [5]. The derivative of the energy was calculated analytically with Pulay’s Force method [6]. The(More)
The synthesis and biological activity of a variety of analogues to the naturally occurring antibacterial and antifungal Distamycin A were explored by a number of authors. These compounds were subject to a large array of assays. Some of these compounds showed high activity against a range of Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria as well as fungi. To explore(More)
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