Ja'far Alqatawna

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Most access control mechanisms focus on how to define the rights of users in a precise way to prevent any violation of the access control policy of an organization. However, in many cases it is hard to predefine all access needs, or even to express them in machine readable form. One example of such a situation is an emergency case which may not be(More)
This paper examines what are known as the ‘maturity models’ or the ‘stage-ladder models’ which all share stages of growth or maturity with one common point; the implication of the evolution of eservices in series of stages moving upward to embody the notion of a continual process improvement. However, this paper suggests a new model called the six dimension(More)
Krill Herd is a new optimization technique that was inspired by the herding behavior of real small crustaceans called Krills. The method was developed for continuous optimization problems and has recently been successfully applied to different complex problems. Feedforward neural network has a number of characteristics which make it suitable for solving(More)
This paper presents the major Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives that have been taking place in Jordan and their effect in creating and promoting an e-culture within the Jordanian society. This is followed by an analysis of the Jordanian public e-services’ state of play using a previously proposed conceptual framework, the 6I(More)
Road traffic density has always been a concern in large cities around the world, and many approaches were developed to assist in solving congestions related to slow traffic flow. This work proposes a congestion rate estimation approach that relies on real-time video scenes of road traffic, and was implemented and evaluated on eight different hotspots(More)
Service integration is one of the most critical issues affecting e-government implementations in Jordan and all over the world. Providing integrated services to citizens, businesses, and all other stakeholders involved in e-government at "one stop portal" is considered to be a big opportunity for governments to improve their services' efficiency and(More)
In the context of Online Social Networks, Spam profiles are not just a source of unwanted ads, but a serious security threat used by online criminals and terrorists for various malicious purposes. Recently, such criminals were able to steal a number of accounts that belong to NatWest bank's customers. Their attack vector was based on spam tweets posted by a(More)