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The permanent user international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) is used in authentication process and in the first step for authentication process in initial registration; the mobile station sends the IMSI in clear text without encryption between the communication parties over the radio interface. This represents a violation of user identity(More)
In the UMTS Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) protocol only the home network can generate authentication vectors to its subscribers. Therefore; the home location register and authentication centre (HLR/AuC) actually suffers from the traffic bottleneck. AKA protocol has been enhanced by generating temporary key to enable visitor location register(More)
This paper analyses the authentication and key agreement (<i>AKA</i>) protocol for UMTS mobile networks, where a new authentication protocol which is able to reduce the network traffic and signaling message between entities, and consequently the bottleneck at authentication centre is avoided, this is achieved by reducing the number of messages between(More)
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