Ja-Yol Lee

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In this paper, we present a 3.8-5.5 GHz multi-band CMOS frequency synthesizer for WLAN and UWB applications. In the multi-band frequency synthesizer, both new multi-mode prescaler and adaptive multi-band LC VCO are proposed. The proposed multi-mode prescaler produces six modes of divide-by-2/3, 4/5, 8/9, 16/17, 32/33, and 64/65. In the adaptive multi-band(More)
In this paper, we present the design of 52-GHz frequency synthesizer for 60 GHz WPAN application. The PLL consists of 26 GHz PLL and 52 GHz frequency doubler, generating two channels of output carriers with 2.08 GHz step by using high-speed four-modulus divider. The proposed PLL represents phase noise of - 89 dBc/Hz from 26.2 GHz carrier and - 81 dBc/Hz(More)
A 45 - 60-GHz two-band double cross-coupled differential VCO is designed and fabricated using 0.25 mum SiG:C BiCMOS process technology whose f<sub>max</sub> is greater than 200 GHz. The VCO provides tuning ranges of 44.9 - 48.9 GHz when its bias current is 13 mA and of 58 - 60.4 GHz when a bias current of 7 mA draws into the VCO. The phase noises of the VCO(More)
In this paper, we present the design of 15-GHz frequency synthesizer for 60-GHz WPAN. The PLL generates 7 channels of output signals with 250 MHz step by using the highspeed programmable divider operating up to 10 GHz. A double cross-coupled LC VCO is used for achieving higher oscillation frequency and shows about 20 % tuning range. The PLL represents phase(More)
In this paper, a 9.1 to 11.5 GHz four-band PLL is presented. In the proposed PLL, both an improved multi-modulus (MM) divider and an adaptive four-band LC VCO are depicted. The MM divider provides division ratios of 6 to 455 depending on the division mode of the six-mode prescaler. The LC VCO generates four bands of oscillation frequencies covering 9.1-11.6(More)
In this paper, we present a new concurrent dual-band VCO with single resonator. The proposed oscillator is a new concurrent dual-band VCO, which does generate two bands of carrier frequencies simultaneously. One band is generated from 5.1 GHz to 5.5 GHz, and the other is from 8.5 GHz to 9.1 GHz. Low phase noises at 100 kHz offset are measured as -111 dBc/Hz(More)
This paper presents an all-digital fractional-N PLL with a low-power TDC operating at the retimed reference clock. Two retimed reference clocks are employed to implement the proposed TDC estimating the fractional phase error between the reference clock and CKV clock. The application of the retimed reference clocks to TDC does not only reduce dynamic power(More)
In this paper, we present a cost effective parallel-branch spiral inductor with enhanced quality factor and resonance frequency. This structure is designed to improve the quality factor, but different from other fully stacked spiral inductors. The parallel-branch effect is increased by overlapping the first metal below the second metal with same direction.(More)
DSRC provides high speed radio link between Road Side Equipment and On-Board Equipment within the narrow communication area. In this paper, a 5.8 GHz down-conversion mixer for DSRC communication system is designed and fabricated using 0.8 m SiGe HBT process technology and RF/LO matching circuits, RF/LO input balun circuits and IF output balun circuit are(More)