Ja Kyoung Yoon

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PURPOSE Alagille syndrome is a complex hereditary disorder that is associated with cardiac, hepatic, skeletal, ocular, and facial abnormalities. Mutations in the Notch signaling pathway, such as in JAG1 and NOTCH2, play a key role in embryonic development. A cardiac or hepatic presentation is a critical factor for determining the prognosis. METHODS We(More)
PURPOSE Kabuki syndrome is a multiple congenital malformation syndrome, with characteristic facial features, mental retardation, and skeletal and congenital heart anomalies. However, the cardiac anomalies are not well described in the Korean population. We analyzed the cardiac anomalies and clinical features of Kabuki syndrome in a single tertiary center.(More)
Unguarded tricuspid regurgitation (TR) due to a flail tricuspid leaflet is a rare condition of newborn cyanosis. A high perinatal mortality has been associated with this fatal condition. But, there are feasible surgical repairs to improve survival. We report the case of a male full-term neonate with intractable hypoxia. He had profound tricuspid(More)
Little is known about the prevalence of naturally acquired IgG antibodies to the capsular polysaccharides of Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcal IgG) in Korea. In the present study, we investigated transplacental transfer and age-related levels of pneumococcal IgG to provide background seroepidemiologic data for S. pneumoniae in Korea. One hundred thirty(More)
Midaortic syndrome (MAS) is a rare vascular disease that commonly causes renovascular hypertension. The lumen of the abdominal aorta narrows and the ostia of the branches show stenosis. MAS is associated with diminished pulses in the lower extremities compared with the upper extremities, severe hypertension with higher blood pressure in the upper rather(More)
Pituitary tissue contains phenol sulfotransferase (PST), the enzyme that catalyzes the sulfate conjugation of monoamine neurotransmitters. We carried out these studies with pituitaries obtained 21.3 +/- 3.0 h postmortem (mean +/- SEM; n = 21) to determine whether the biochemical properties and variations in levels of human pituitary PST activities were(More)
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