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The Lessons of 1914 for East Asia Today: Missing the Trees for the Forest
The importance of World War I for understanding contemporary East Asia lies not in the ubiquitous analogy drawn between Anglo-German antagonism and contemporary U.S.-China relations, but rather inExpand
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America’s Asia-Pacific Rebalance and the Hazards of Hedging: A Review of Evidence from Southeast Asia
Hedging is a common approach that regional states in the Asia-Pacific seek to adopt in order to navigate between an ascendant China and a still dominant USA. Undergirding such a strategy is a desireExpand
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One Thing Leads to Another: Making Sense of East Asia’s Repeated Tensions
ABSTRACT Both the East and Southeast China Seas have been home to a series of repeated episodes of tension between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and its neighbors. Much of the existingExpand
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Towards an ASEAN security community at Bali
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Taiwan's New Southbound Policy : accomplishments and perceptions
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Foreign Intervention and the Limiting of Fragmentation in the Late Qing and Early Republic, 1893-1922
This article examines why and how persistent political fragmentation existed alongside continued centralization in late Qing and early Republican China. By analyzing new archival material andExpand
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