Ja Choon Koo

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The annelid provides a biological solution of effective locomotion adaptable to a large variety of unstructured environmental conditions. The undulated locomotion of the segmented body in the annelid is characterized by the combination of individual motion of the muscles distributed along the body, which has been of keen interest in biomimetic(More)
Stereo correspondence is one of the most active research areas in computer vision. An improved block matching approach for fast stereo correspondence is proposed, where the matching criterion is the sum of absolute difference (SAD). The approach tries to progressively confine the matching operation during the searching process, terminates unnecessary(More)
In this paper, a new material called synthetic elastomer, is presented as means of actuation. The material displays enhanced performances in terms of electrical as well as mechanical aspects such as dielectric constant, elastic strength and stress relaxation. We begin with developing synthesis procedures for the material, which results in its general recipe(More)
If the actuating system has a repetitive work, non-linearity and a large payload, the iterative control is needed to apply to it. Since there are financial and safety problems, the control logic was tested virtually. In this paper, to simulate the iterative control the modeling of a hydraulic actuator was done. This model has the non-linear of the actuator(More)
For the exact and safe inspection of bridge cables, the climbing robotic system which is able to transport an inspection device has been developed. Main mechanisms were verified with Prototype, and the whole robotic system was developed based on the verified main mechanisms. To overcome winding surface of a cable, the developed caterpillar in place of the(More)
A tactile sensor for slip detection is necessary for human- like grasping in robot hand. This paper reports a capacitive tactile slip sensor that can detect slip on the surface of the sensor structure. The newly developed capacitive slip sensor uses acrylo-nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) as substrate. The presented sensor device in this paper has fingerprint(More)
Our goal is to develop the 13 DOF dexterous robot hand. For this, we designed a new robot hand by improving previous developed robot hand and by analysis of human hand. This robot hand is the type of motor driven and includes a fingertip tactile sensor, a joint torque sensor, fingertip 6-axis-force-torque sensor and an embedded board. For performance(More)
Low speed and low energy efficiency are intrinsic issues to be tackled in the study of legged robots. To cope with these problems, this paper presents a bio-inspired design methodology and its implementation on the compliant robotic leg. The proposed robotic leg achieves excellent performances for the high-speed running with low inertia, high energy(More)
Research about the artificial muscle made of fishing lines or sewing threads, called the twisted and coiled polymer actuator (abbreviated as TCA in this paper) has collected many interests, recently. Since TCA has a specific power surpassing the human skeletal muscle theoretically, it is expected to be a new generation of the artificial muscle actuator. In(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate antifungal activity of a range of different molecular weight (MW) chitosan against Penicillium italicum. Our results demonstrate that the antifungal activity was dependent both the MW and concentration of the chitosan. Among a series of chitosan derived from the hydrolysis of high MW chitosan, the fractions(More)