Ja Brand

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Twenty-three female volunteers with normal temporomandibular joints (TMJ) were compared with 24 female patients with documented TMJ internal derangements. Magnetic resonance imaging and lateral cephalometric radiographs were used to investigate the relationship between TMJ disk displacement and skeletal facial form. Results indicated that the patients with(More)
This pilot study describes responses of Sprague Dawley rats to mandibular retrusion. Lingually overcontoured crowns were cemented onto maxillary incisors to produce 3.5 mm of autoretrusion. Monitoring data indicate that activity was suppressed and nutritional intake was reduced. Histological evaluation of the 2-, 4-, 7-, and 59-day test specimens detected(More)
The ultimate goal of periodontal therapy should not be limited to the establishment and maintenance of periodontal health. The potential regeneration of the hard and soft periodontal tissues lost to disease also should be considered. Two case reports are presented to demonstrate the potential of guided tissue regeneration for this purpose.
Tissue doses for a modified Rando head- and-neck phantom were measured for imaging with speed group E film with standardized aluminium filtration and the RVG-S both with and without added niobium filtration. Cylindrical holes drilled into the phantom's tissue-equivalent material permitted the placement of a small ionization chamber into anatomically correct(More)
There is disagreement as to whether clinical methods of caries diagnosis will produce reliable results in skeletal material, and studies vary greatly in the extent to which such methods are employed. The purpose of this study is, therefore, to evaluate the interobserver reliability of visual, tactile, and radiographic methods of scoring dental caries in(More)