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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Parkinson's disease (PD) is usually diagnosed clinically from classical motor symptoms, while definitive diagnosis is made postmortem, based on the presence of Lewy bodies and nigral neuron cell loss. α-Synuclein (ASYN), the main protein component of Lewy bodies, clearly plays a role in the neurodegeneration that characterizes PD.(More)
Microorganisms can support environmental restoration by biodegradation of hydrocarbons but the mechanism of this process has been not described in detail yet. We present the effect of benzene derivatives on Raoultella ornithinolytica M03 cell composition. Comparison of the cell response after short-term and long-term stress revealed significant differences(More)
Roztocze Nation Park (RNP) is located in the central part of Roztocze, a hilly region in south-eastern Poland. The most important type of forest community in RNP is Dentario glandulosae-Fagetum. Potential and real vegetation, as well as forest stand maps were used to analyze changes of the age and species structure of beechwood stand from 1946 to 2001.(More)
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