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A twenty-five year experience with 284 patients with imperforate anus has been reviewed, with a 5 to 30 year assessment after surgical intervention. The following conclusions seem to be suggested by the study: 1. There was a 20% mortality overall, with the greatest number of these occurring in the Type III high lesions. Eighty per cent of the deaths were(More)
An online parameter identification method is proposed for sensorless control for surface and interior permanent-magnet synchronous motors (SPMSMs and IPMSMs, respectively). As this method does not use rotor position or velocity to identify motor parameters, the identified parameters are not affected by position estimation error under sensorless control. The(More)
The reverse phase suspension and embedment technique were adopted to prepare magnetic dextran microsphere (MDMS). The dispersion medium was mixture of some organic solvents. Span-80 was used as stabilizer. The aqueous dextran with magnetic fluid was suspended in dispersion medium with epichlorohydrin as cross-linking reagent. The mixture was stirred for 30(More)
Ultimate survival of the neonate with a surgical emergency depends upon early recognition by the family physician, who may refer the infant to a pediatric surgical center. The family physician must prevent infectious and metabolic insults to the critically ill neonate while preparing him for safe and rapid transport to a specialty institution. In many(More)
The pH values of the mobile phase which affect the chromatographic behavior of organic acids in RP-HPLC have been studied. It was considered that the problem of organic acids on an RP-HPLC column was dissociation. The equation for finding the optimum pH of mobile phase was pHlimit of colunm < or = pH < or = pKa -2. In addition the effects of contents of(More)
Two kinds of affinity chromatographic packings for the separation of urokinase were synthesized by coupling of p-amino benzamidine (p-ABZ) to commercially available sepharose and polyepoxypropyl methacrylate (PEPMA). Then they were applied for separating crude urokinase. It was found that the average recovery of bioactivity on sepharose was higher than that(More)
Although thoracic afflictions may be traced to the prehistoric age, successful thoracic surgery was a development of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. From 1543 to 1661, Vesalius, Servetus, Harvey and Malpighi established the dynamic anatomy of the pulmonary system. Boyle, Hooke, Black and Lavoisier elaborated upon the respiratory gases(More)
This paper presents the dynamic characteristics of the transverse flux linear motor (TFLM) with permanent magnet (PM) excitation, which has E-shaped core. Because of the inherent feature of TFLM with PM excitation that the flux flow path is threedimension, the solid type stators and mover cores are used. In case of adoption of solid type stators and mover(More)
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