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Differences in ketosis and clinical mastitis rates, mean somatic cell counts (SCC) and reproductive performance scores (fertility status index = FS-index) between herds housed in free stall (n = 533) and tie stall (n = 59) barns were measured in relation to management and environmental factors in a retrospective cohort study of Norwegian dairy farms with(More)
Data from the national dairy cow recording systems during 1997 were used to calculate lactation-specific cumulative risk of mastitis treatments and cumulative risk of removal from the herds in Denmark, Finland Norway and Sweden. Sweden had the lowest risk of recorded mastitis treatments during 305 days of lactation and Norway had the highest risk. The(More)
Data from the Norwegian dairy herd recording system were used to evaluate herd level criteria for good and poor udder health in dairy cows. All dairy herds with at least 10 cow-years were included (n = 12,780). The association between bulk milk somatic cell count (BMSCC) and clinical mastitis rate (CM) was weak (R2 = 0.002), indicating that studies based on(More)
Feeding practices, ration composition, and body condition scores (BCS) were assessed in an observational case-contrast study of Norwegian dairy herds with low (n = 98) and high (n = 94) mastitis infection rates. Differences between the 2 groups of herds were associated with feeding practices and amount of roughage. More herds in the low-infection group were(More)
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