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Fv-1 gene-specific resistance to ecotropic murine retroviruses can be transferred to permissive cells with RNA prepared from restrictive cells. The active RNA has a sedimentation coefficient of 20-22S at low ionic strength and multiple regions of activity (5-6S, 10-12S, 24-27S) at high ionic strength. The maximum level of resistance transfer cannot be(More)
Equine plasma lipoproteins were fractionated into VLDL, LDL-1, LDL-2 and HDL by density gradient ultracentrifugation. From each lipoprotein fraction, five apo C like peptides of approx. M(r) 1400, 10000, 9500, 9000 and 8000 were detected by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. After partial purification by Sephadex G-75, one fraction, showing a strong(More)
One of the major challenges in neurobiol-ogy is to find the links between electro-physiological, cellular and molecular events in neurons as they relate to long-term memory formation. At the cellular level, the prevailing models that account for retention of learning by experience include the strengthening of existing synapses and the development of new(More)
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