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In this study, meta-analytic procedures were used to examine the relationships between individual level (psychological) climate perceptions and work outcomes such as employee attitudes , psychological well-being, motivation, and performance. Our review of the literature generated 121 independent samples in which climate perceptions were measured and(More)
Corneal stromal lactate accumulation may result from epithelial hypoxia and contact lens wear, but the possible corneal toxicity of lactate has not been reported. Isolated superfused whole rabbit corneas were examined for thickness changes during exposure to neutral sodium lactate (NaL) or excess sodium chloride (NaCl) in Krebs-bicarbonate Ringer's solution(More)
The relationship of contact lens-induced edema to epithelial and endothelial function was determined in isolated superfused rabbit corneas. Placement of a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) contact lens on the cornea caused swelling rates of 15-28 microns/hr compared to 0-6 microns/hr in paired control corneas. The edema increased with temperature (P less than(More)
The effects of physiologic and pharmacologic manipulations on contact lens-induced edema were studied. In isolated superfused rabbit corneas bathed in Ringer's solution and covered with large-diameter polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) lenses, corneal swelling rates of 17-26 microns/hr (versus -5-5 microns/hr in paired controls) were observed. Neither the(More)
Amended Complaint, seeking to (1) declare the SEC's appointment and removal processes for its Administrative Law Judges (" ALJ ") unconstitutional, and (2) enjoin Plaintiffs' administrative proceeding. The Court heard oral argument on July 13, 2015. After a review of the record and due consideration, Plaintiffs' Motion [41] is GRANTED for the following(More)
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