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Crystal Structures, Physical, Chemical, and Microtextural Properties
Remarks by JVS. Volumes 1 and 2 of Feldspar Minerals were published in 1974, but Volume 3 was not completed because I was forced to devote 3 years to the resolution of unforeseen problems in theExpand
The MARID (mica-amphibole-rutile-ilmenite-diopside) suite of xenoliths in kimberlite
Within the ‘glimmerite’ nodules occurring within kimberlite pipes we recognize the MARID suite consisting of varying proportions of mica, amphibole, rutile, ilmenite and diopside. Banding of someExpand
Petrologic history of the moon inferred from petrography, mineralogy, and petrogenesis of Apollo 11 rocks
The mineralogy and petrology of the Apollo 11 rocks are consistent with impact melting of ilmenite and pyroxene crystals plus liquid derived from fractional crystallization of basaltic magama. TheExpand
Nuclear magnetic resonance of silica polymorphs
The chemical bonding in silica polymorphs and silicates is being studied by both experimental and theoretical methods1. Spinning at the octahedral (magic) angle yields sharp peaks in the NMR patternsExpand
Na, K, P and Ti in garnet, pyroxene and olivine from peridotite and eclogite xenoliths from African kimberlites
Electron microprobe analyses sensitive to 20ppmw (2σ) were made for Na, P, K and Ti in garnet, pyroxenes and olivine from peridotite and eclogite xenoliths from African kimberlites and volcanic rocksExpand
Glasses in Mantle Xenoliths from Olmani, Tanzania
Nineteen mantle xenoliths from Olmani, Tanzania, have deformation textures and fluid inclusions like those in olivine-rich peridotites from Hawaii. Group A comprises 7 barren harzburgites (spinel,Expand
Chemistry of micas from kimberlites and xenoliths—II. Primary- and secondary-textured micas from peridotite xenoliths
Abstract Micas from coarse granular Iherzolites in S. African kimberlites may be separated into two groups; those showing primary textural relationships with coexisting silicates and those withExpand