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Prostatitis is a common clinical syndrome that on rare occasions may result from mass lesions in the pelvis. This report concerns a man with debilitating prostatitis that was caused by a müllerian duct cyst. The diagnosis was facilitated by examination with magnetic resonance imaging using a pelvic phased array surface coil and a small field of view.
Stones are sometimes spilled at the time of cholecystectomy. Retrieval may be difficult, especially during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Little is known about the natural history of missed stones which are left behind in the peritoneal cavity. We present a case in which a patient developed an intraabdominal abscess around such a stone. The abscess recurred(More)
Two children with a partial monosomy 6q are reported: a girl with an interstitial deletion [46,XX,del(6)(q16.2q23.1)], and a boy with a terminal deletion [46,XY,del(6)(q25.1)]. Both children presented with developmental delay, facial dysmorphism and a cardiac defect. The patients have been studied using G banding and cosmid probes specific for the long arm(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the feasibility of replacing a ureteral segment with a neointimized Gore-Tex graft. METHODS Seven adult mongrel dogs underwent a two-stage operative procedure. The first procedure involved arterializing the graft to stimulate spread of a luminal neoendothelium by transmural capillary growth. Eight weeks after the initial procedure,(More)
We report on 2 girls with mosaic tetrasomy 8p. Patient 1 showed the extra iso 8p chromosome in 20% of cultured lymphocytes and 18% of cultured fibroblasts [46,XX/47,XX,+i(8p)]. She presented with growth retardation, mild facial alterations, and motor developmental delay. Patient 2 presented with developmental delay, hypotonia, and slight facial alterations;(More)